Sunchild Lyrics

  1. Summer
  2. Sail Away
  3. You Took My Heart
  4. Sunchild
  5. Places
  6. By The Sea
  7. Memories
  8. Calling
  9. Ever
  10. Till Then
  11. Lullaby


Do you remember those days
Do you remember those days
Trying to chase the blues away
You said, don’t believe what they say
Come let us find a different way
So I took a leap of faith
And I’ll never regret that day
Do you remember when
We planned our escape and then
Suddenly all the stars aligned
And we stood still in time
Oh my, what a team we made
All our dreams came into play
The plans we wrote down
The time we took that trip to town
The shopping we did
The people that we hung out with
The meals that we made
The bonfires, the games we played
The way that we were
We deserved that summer
Oh my, what a team we made
All our dreams came into play

Sail Away

I think it is time
To let go of my past
And build a ship of mine
A deck a wheel a mast
I’ll sail off into the ocean
And dump out all of my tears
Leave it all behind me
To conquer all of my fears
Off to the horizon
On to the rising sun
Goodbye, farewell, I say
I’m gonna sail away
A compass and a map
And my old pirate hat
Oh to the sea I’ll be
That’s where you will find me
I’ll whisper to the wind
My secrets and my sins
I’ll start a brand new day
And figure out my way
I’ll push through every storm
And sew back what was torn
I’ll breathe this endless blue
My beating heart anew
Don’t you worry about me
I will come back from the sea
Just be patient wait and see
I’ll be back a better me
Wait and see
`Cause I’m going

You Took My Heart

Boy: Do you think that we could try and be more than just friends?
Girl: I would like to just spend time with you, hope we could stay friends
Girl: But I was wrong, you took my heart, now don't want us to be apart
Both: You took my heart
Boy: I've been waiting all my life for someone like you
Girl: Don't you know I dreamed of you before I met you
Boy: I could go on saying all the things I've been praying
Girl: But I'm right here
Boy: So don't disappear!
Both: I won't go anywhere without you don't you fear
Boy: Did you sense that we were so good from the very beginning
Girl: I had no clue I just followed you, thought I didn't feel anything
Girl: But I was wrong (Boy: You were wrong)
Girl: You took my heart (Boy: You took MY heart)
Girl: Now don't want us (Boy: oh no, please don't)
Girl: To be apart (Boy: we won’t, we won’t)
Both: You took my heart
Boy: Do you see the way that we could be
Girl: Yup, that's alright with me
Boy: That's just alright with you?
Girl: Okay, fine
Boy: Do you ...need more time?
Girl: No, no - I agree
Both: I think that we could be meant to be


Do you see the changing of the skies
Do you count the days passing by
Do you feel the time as it flies
Do you see the tears that I cry
I thought I was living a dream but it’s not what it seemed
Couldn’t believe that the things that I grieved and the thoughts that I freed
Gave me the release to find inner peace
Now I’m reborn as a sunchild
Roaming the world wild
No longer exiled
Soaking the salt sea
Roaming so freely
Finally happy
Pain is beyond me
Don’t you know I tried to be all that I could
But I couldn’t be what you thought I should
So I went away
Just to be okay
I needed some time
To figure I’m fine

I thought I couldn’t do what you told me to
But I figured it wasn’t me but you
So I went away
Just to be okay
I needed some time
Now I’m more than just fine
I’m free
Just to be me
Finally happy
Pain is beyond me
I am a sunchild
Roaming the world wild
No longer exiled
Soaking the salt sea
Roaming so freely

Finally happy
Pain is beyond me
Pain is beyond me


Will you remember me?
I will remember you
How do you do?
Each day that goes by
Will bring the day I fly
But til then, my friend
Nothing to fear
I’m still right here
Because of all the faces
And all the places
I’m glad to be here with you
And times will change
We’ll be out of range
But I’m glad to have been with you
Before I pack my bags and go
I gotta say, you all must know
I’m grateful to you everyday
I’m glad I stuck around I stayed
And when I’m finally at home
Or quarantined and all alone
I’ll never let myself forget
My time here and the days we’ve met
I’ll see you soon
Under the same moon
We’ll watch the tides
From different sides of the world
We’ll live our lives
Catch different rides
But even then, my friend, this is not the end

By The Sea

Oh by the sea, I wish we could be
Watching the tides slowly subside
It could be just you and me
Just living by the sea
I never thought I’d say
That I would want one day
To live just by the sea
You and me
And I could be alone with you
I’d never tire of us two
We could have a simple day
And surf or socialize away
As long as I could be with you
I’d want to do the things you do
Because I love your company
Around you I feel so happy
With you
Oh by the sea
I wish we could be
Under the sun
Having such fun
We could enjoy
Our inflatable toy
Or build a sand castle, for us
And dig up a moat
Or go on a boat
And catch a fish for our dinner dish
Then lie on the deck
And stare at the stars
And feel like tiny little specks
In this world
You and I


Given my life
I wouldn’t change a thing
If it would mean that
I’d never cross your path
`Cause even if I
Stumbled along the way
You were still there for me
For me at the end of the day
And I’m sorry that
We can’t go back
But I’m still glad
For what we had
I hope that you
Would know it’s true
I wouldn’t trade
The memories we made
And though you and I
Are living in parallel
I hope you are feeling fine
I hope you are doing well
All I wish
In anything that comes your way
Is everything you want to do
Nothing but the best for you
CHORUS (half-time)


Two feet off the ground
And I’m falling
I can hear the sound
Of you calling
I wouldn’t have known
Thought I’d be alone
Just living on my own
But then I found a home
With you
With you
Do you remember
The days we had together
It was the time of my life
I never felt better


I feel alive in your eyes
You shouldn’t be surprised
You give me butterflies
You don’t even try
And in the dark I feel your heart, I find your gaze
It doesn’t waver from my face
I see you now, I saw you then, I’ll see you for
Ever more
I see so much beyond
This road that I stand upon
And you are by my side
There’s no need to hide

And if you are a world away
I know that we will be okay
Cos what we have is so surreal
It’s more than tangible I feel
It’s how I find you in the dark
Or how you somehow feel my heart
It’s how I saw you then, I see you now, I’ll see you for
Ever more

Till Then

Someday I’ll find ways to be with you
Until that time, I’ll see you soon
These past few months
Have been unreal
Don’t wanna change the way I feel
Don’t even know
What I would do
If I would never have met you
And I believe a day will come we’ll meet
And then you’ll see it won’t be such a feat
`Cause chances have been somehow on our side
And so far it has been the sweetest ride
And everyday I’ll pray
That you won’t be so far away
We’ll be together again
For now, farewell till then
Instrumental outro


Feeling alone sometimes
But I know that I’ll be fine
We’ll be alright
Be alright
You’re so many miles away
Wish for another day
To hold you tight
Hold you tight
Every night

I’m always thinking of you
Dreaming of things we could do
Day or night
Day or night
By your side
Instrumental lala
But I know we’re gonna be happy
Don’t you worry bout a thing
Nothing will stop the way I feel
The words I write, the notes I sing
I know the day will come we’ll be
Together again, oh wait and see
But just for now, I need the time
To live the dreams I want for me
And I will come back to you soon
Happy to have my little tunes
And then you will hear that in my songs
You’ve been with me all along