Blog Expectations

So I’m trying to remove the jitters for writing my first post, and in an attempt to acknowledge WordPress’ encouraging article on “how to blog” (saved under drafts which I presume is a default for every new account created), I’ve decided to follow its suggestions and answer some of its leading questions in order to “give new readers context” (yes I am quoting the article). So however lame this sounds, here’s what you can expect to find in my blog, which will mainly be about the following:

  1. Thoughts on growing up, family, and personal dreams and observations
  2. Music – songwriting, the indie scene, and song/playlist recommendations and reviews
  3. Biking and commuting around the Metro
  4. Places I’ve been to and mountains I’ve climbed
  5. Plants, birds, and being environmentally conscious
  6. Cookie reviews, food discoveries, and recipes not mine
  7. Books I’ve read and would recommend
  8. Finance and work-related insights

Posts will probably be sporadic, but I do hope to write more, especially when I take a big step towards my imagined future (more about that later). For now, I hope that by blogging, I improve my writing skills, share knowledge I’ve gained, keep track of what I’ve learned, and be more open with friends and family on my doings.

Here’s to a new year and new habits!

Hello, World!

Welcome to my blog. I am Lily, a mid-twenty year old based in Manila. I like music, mountains, and exploring life hacks and productivity. I’m on a casual quest to discover the best chocolate chip cookie and I’ve recently developed an interest in plants, birds, and trees. I used to play a lot of softball growing up and I’m currently doing work in finance. Expect random posts to include any of the above. Happy reading!

Enjoying the sunrise at the peak of Mt. Ulap last December 20, 2019