Lili is the solo outfit of Lily Gonzales, an indie pop singer-songwriter from Metro Manila, Philippines.

She released her debut album “Sunchild” on October 28, 2021, which can stream it on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Deezer.

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“Lili’s upcoming album Sunchild is a selection of catchy melodies using a diverse set of instruments to create the sound she wants – and it is a happy, joyful sound celebrating her new found self.”

— Tamalia Alisjahbana, Independent Observer


In March 2020, Lily set off for Indonesia to learn about bamboo. Due to the pandemic, she got stuck and ended up staying for nine months. It is there where she lived abroad for the first time, learned to be independent, and picked up surfing as a sport. Her unique experience living on an island and being part of the community inspired her to write the songs that would eventually become part of her upcoming album “Sunchild”.

Musical Beginnings

Lily comes from a musical family, her grandpa being Josefino Cenizal, the late composer and musical director most notably known for writing “Hindi Kita Malimot”, a classic Filipino love song.

Like many other children, she grew up taking piano lessons she didn’t prioritize. It was only later in her teenage years when she truly discovered her love for making music.

In 2013, Lily joined a jam session that was the beginning of The Ransom Collective, a six-piece indie folk band. The group’s music took off quickly and they ended up playing in stages all over the country, and later all over the region (Singapore, India, Indonesia) in 2018. The band released a self-entitled EP in 2015, an album called “Traces” in 2017, and a single “I Don’t Care” in 2019. Due to the pandemic, they are currently on an unofficial hiatus. 

While playing for The Ransom Collective, Lily wrote songs of her own under the name Lost Mountains in 2016. But due to her busy schedule with the band and school, she did not pursue this path. She managed to release one song entitled “Ever”, which made it to radio Jam 88.3, an alternative music station in the Philippines.

In January 2021, Lily is finally making time to pursue the path she wanted five years ago. She launched her solo career as Lili and released her first single “Summer” in May.

She released her debut album “Sunchild” on October 28, 2021. You can stream her music on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Deezer.