Signs of Spirituality

A photo of me reflecting what I feel inside.

Today was a special day. Not only did I announce that I am officially Lili to represent my music, but I woke up feeling inexplicably light for the first time in awhile. Apparently, it wasn’t just memories I brought home from Indonesia, but paranormal energies.

When I came home back in December 2020, I was really happy to see my family. But I also felt so heavy and downcast, and I thought maybe I was shocked at living with them again and being back under the new normal. I thought I just missed my boyfriend and the beautiful island I learned to call home.

The feeling wouldn’t go away.

I tried to ignore it and focus on my music. I finished writing my songs, I recorded with sessionists at the studio, and I filmed my music videos. I looked forward to each day because I knew I was doing what I wanted, yet there were times I couldn’t explain why I felt so low.

Luckily, my family is very open to alternative remedies, and by chance, we learned about the existence of two “spiritual warriors” (a.k.a. healers) from my brother’s girlfriend, and my parents invited them over to help improve our lives. They first came over to clear my parents, and later three of my siblings, and finally, me and the house.

It wasn’t really the plan to have them do sessions with each of us, but as we learned more about them, we followed our intuition and scheduled one-on-one sessions.

When the healers came, we discovered things about ourselves we never knew. Each of our cases were different, but for mine, it was supernatural.

The days leading up to my session, I felt dimmer and dimmer. I woke up on Monday with my legs like led, and it was like being back in Indonesia all over again at my lowest point. Tuesday I felt better, but Wednesday, my family could see how glum I was, and I had no explanation for them.

That very same day, I had my session with the healer, and afterwards I felt really good. Apparently, apart from the attachments I gained from stress at my previous jobs, the healer discovered negative energies I had absorbed that followed me from Indonesia, and he sent it back to its primal source. However, I learned later on that this energy still actually followed him, and that’s what made it paranormal.

After that day, I thought I was cleared, but it didn’t feel like it. My legs still felt really tired and I wasn’t feeling well. When the healers finally came back to clear the house yesterday, I reminded them to check up on me, and when they finally removed remnants of that energy from me, I felt truly light and free.

I know, I know… this all seems so very “new age”. But believe me, there is a world out there we cannot see. Do you ever feel someone’s vibe or spirit simply by being with them or looking at their pictures? Energies manifest outside of the physical world.

While I still don’t meditate, do yoga, or pray very much, I am more mindful of the energy we give and receive, the things we surround ourselves with, and the power of intentions and intuition. The purpose of my story is not to entertain, but to enlighten and to bring to awareness the idea of energy and our capacity to absorb it – both good and bad. So be careful and take care, because while we are susceptible to external energies, we also have the ability to affect others with our own, and that can be a powerful tool we can utilize to do good in our lives.

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