New Song, Nice Morning

Now I remember how I was supposed to introduce the band – by talking about our new song. But then I wrote about how we started instead, which is actually a better beginning anyway.

Regardless, I still want to say that I’m really excited for this new song we’re currently recording. My parents insisted I play it for them just this morning even though it’s still a rough draft, and they really like it. My dad got me to dance with him and started leading me around the living room floor, and my mom was just sitting down and keenly paying attention to the music. She identified the chords I played and complimented me on how I sounded, and I felt gratified because she’s a much better pianist than me. And then she started tearing up in the end because she wished my grandpa could hear it, and I told her that he could from heaven.

I guess these moments make Sunday really the best day of the week for me, and I’m glad to have a blog to immortalize it.

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